By Sherry Huang
March 06, 2015
Hunter Kleis

Hunter Kleis is turning 9 years old in a week, and his father, Chad, hopes to surprise him with the ultimate gift: cards and gifts sent by strangers from around the world (from as far as Ireland and the Netherlands).

So far, the post has been shared over 9,000 times, and Chad's filled a shower with buckets full of mail. As Chad shared with a local ABC News site, "I don't care if he never talks...but I just want to make sure he's happy."

In other amazing birthday news, last year well-wishers sent millions of cards to an 11-year-old boy with special needs, and recently, over 40 strangers celebrated the birthday of a 6-year-old with autism.

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Photo of Hunter Kleis courtesy of Chad Kleis's Facebook page