People are beyond impressed with this 7-year-old girl's creations that show her love for her dad in the best way she's able.

By Melissa Willets
June 19, 2017

A child with Down syndrome, whose mom posted to Reddit about her drawings for her dad, is being hailed online as an accomplished artist!

"Whenever my 7 year old daughter who has Down syndrome draws a person, she signs that it's 'Dad,'" a poster by the amusing name of MrsRoseyCrotch wrote as a caption to the colorful drawing that features multiple faces wearing a variety of expressions. She added about her nonverbal daughter's creations, "I've saved them and put them on a canvas for Father's Day. Even though she can't speak the words, she's still able to tell her dad how much she loves him."

It's a sweet message that demonstrates how love has no limitations. But many commenters were also impressed with this child's art chops.

"If this was hung in an art gallery I'd be drawn to it," one Redditor said.

"Not just saying it because this post is special. I really truly like this art," another agreed.

Someone else commented, "Looking at all the faces... I see an amazing range of emotions and feelings conveyed."

Seconded yet another commenter, "I may be looking too deeply into it, but despite their simplicity, I feel like they show emotion incredibly well - particularly through expressions. It's very endearing and heart warming."

At time of writing, the moving post had more than 1,600 comments. We reached out to the mom for comment but didn't immediately hear back.

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