Emojability is a free app made especially for kids with speicial needs.


I love the way technology is expanding to help kids with special needs better express themselves. My son—a wonderful autistic 9-year-old who is non-speaking—uses his iPad to do everything from asking for chips to telling us how he's feeling. He relies on technology for so much, but there are limitations to what he can do within some of his current programs. For his sake and the sake of many kids like him, I'm thrilled to announce that there's a new app made specifically for kids of all abilities. It's called Emojability and it's free and downloadable here.

Emojability is part of an initiative by the Gillette Children's Speciality Hospital in Minnesota, and the emojis it includes are created for kids with many challenges (though with their positive, encouraging messages, many of them would work for any child).

emojability emojis
Credit: Emojability emojis

Another cool aspect of this app is that you can send the folks at Gillette ideas for new emojis! I have a few in mind that I'm sending along that would help my son, and I can't wait to see how he responds to them.

We'd love to hear what you—and your kids with special needs—think of this new technology. Is it helpful? What kinds of custom emojis do you think your kids would like? And how do you see yourselves using it on a daily basis?

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