Watch this daddy and daughter share a simple, heartwarming moment together.

By Melissa Willets
February 24, 2017

A YouTube video of a deaf dad teaching his deaf baby how to sing "If You're Happy and You Know It" in sign language is going viral, and is sure to make you, well, happy, and know it!

Kevin Nadrowski's short, 13-second clip has so far received more than 70,000 views, but perhaps more importantly, it has also inspired many people to share their own personal stories about hearing-impaired loved ones.

In the sweet video, you see Nadrowski and his little one sitting at the kitchen table. Dad is enthusiastically sharing the kid-staple tune with the baby using American Sign Language, as she looks at him adoringly. Soon, she starts mimicking his hand motions.

Commenters responded to the heartwarming moment caught on film by simply thanking Nadrowski for sharing. "I love how happy he was and how she had a big smile on her face," one wrote.

Others related to the video from their own life experiences: "Kevin I have a deaf daughter who is 11 months old and this gives me so much hope! I know the struggles and joys that come with having a deaf child and I love seeing other parents conquer those struggles. Ya'll [sic] are adorable and inspiring!"

Another said, "My mother is deaf and I am happy on how you are working wih you [sic] daughter this warms my heart."

Our hearts are warmed over here, too!

Nadrowski told us this is the first song he's taught his daughter. And he thinks the video has struck a chord because many other people are facing challenges, and the video offers them hope. "Hopefully through my video they can say: If this deaf father can sing a song in American Sign Language with his deaf daughter, then the sky is not limited. Anything is possible."

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