Girl With Cerebral Palsy Debuts in Fashion Ad for Major British Retailer

The movement to continue changing the face of beauty and introduce #15in2015 started strong in the U.S. and may have reached across the pond to the U.K.

Holly Greenhow, 9, has become the first model with cerebral palsy to appear in a clothing campaign for Tesco's F&F, a British retailer.

"There are so many activities she can't take part in because of her disabilities, such as dancing, so this was a real treat for her," shared Holly's mom, Fiona

But this wasn't Holly's first time as a model -- she appeared in another children's clothing campaign for Boden's last year.

Kids with CP have motor coordination issues, which makes it difficult for them to walk without a walker or wheelchair. And some kids also have trouble talking. In Holly's case, she uses a wheelchair to get around and a special computer to communicate through eye movement.

Although Holly's wheelchair is not shown in Tesco's fashion ad, Holly is shown in a colorful pink top and pink heart-printed pants, along with text that shares her love for pink, purple, and hearts.

For Richard Hawkes, the CEO of Scope, a UK charity for disabled people, having more diverse models is a positive step in the right direction. "We want to get to a point where the media and marketing worlds better reflect the diverse society we live in," he shared with The Telegraph.

In Britain, other kids with special needs have appeared in different campaigns through the years, including Seb White, a boy with Down Syndrome, for clothing retailer Marks & Spencer, and Francesca Griffiths, a girl with DS, for pharmacy retailer Boots.

Here's hoping someone will take after Jamie Brewer and become the first model with special needs to walk the runway in a future London Fashion Week show.

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Photo of Holly Greenhow in the Tesco's F&F advertisement courtesy of Fiona's Twitter page

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