Jamie Brewer first model with Down syndrome at New York Fashion Week

Jamie Brewer is changing the face of beauty! Brewer, an actress who appeared recently on American Horror Story: Coven, is the first model with Down syndrome to appear on the runway at New York Fashion Week.

She's a part of designer Carrie Hammer's show, "Role Models Not Runway Models."

The show's main focus is to feature real women as models, like the ones who buy her designs, such as "business minds, non-profit workers, brilliant researchers, and more woman who simply inspire her," reports US Weekly. Last year, Hammer's show had the same theme, and she debuted a model in a wheelchair.

Speaking to TODAY, the designer shared, "Jamie is an activist for intellectual disabilities, she is a writer and artist, and amazing actress."

At the show, Brewer is set to wear a black A-line dress designed specifically for her, and inspired by her role on American Horror Story. When describing the dress, Brewer said, "It's amazing, it's really neat. Many women have many sides to their personality, this dress fits...mine. I am honored to be in it."

There's no doubt Brewer is excited about being a voice for others with special needs. "Young girls and even young women...[see me] and say 'hey, if she can do it so can I.' It's a true inspiration being a role model for any young women to [encourage them] in being who they are and showing who they are."

We're excited that Brewer is not the only person with Down syndrome are making waves -- earlier this month, 8-year-old Grace appeared in a McDonalds Super Bowl commercial, and 2-year-old Izzy appeared in a Target holiday ad last year.

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Photo of Jamie Brewer via her Twitter page