By Sherry Huang
March 03, 2015
Christopher Warner meets Maroon 5

Christopher Warner, 10, has Down syndrome, and he loves Adam Levine and Maroon 5. Last night, one of his dreams came true when he met the band for the first time.

The meet-and-greet came about as a result of a YouTube video his elementary school teachers created. To show his devotion to the band, Christopher's teachers filmed him singing Maroon 5 songs, showing a Maroon 5 poster he created for a class project, and sharing pictures he drew that he also signed with Adam Levine's name.

Christopher even chose to sing "One More Night" for his school's karaoke event -- though he also sings it during class! The video was then tweeted to The Kane Show/Hot 99.5 in Maryland, and the local station immediately arranged to send Christopher and his family to a Maroon 5 concert in D.C. on March 2.

When Christopher met Maroon 5 last night, he became nervous and shy and hid behind his mom. To put him at ease, Levine and the band laid down on the floor with Christopher. Definitely a memorable way to spend time together!

Watch the original video below to see the look of pure joy on Christopher's face as he sees Levine sing "Sugar."

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Photo of Christopher and Maroon 5 courtesy of The Kane Show/Hot 99.5 Twitter account