Cerebral palsy can't get between this 8-year-old and his need for speed!

By Jamie Pacton
February 11, 2016
Credit: Fox 40 News

Like a lot of boys his age, 8-year-old Atticus Edmunds loves the rush of going fast down the ramps at the local skateboarding park in his hometown of Sacramento. For Atticus, however, the ride is a bit different: Instead of a skateboard, he rides in his wheelchair, pushed by his dad Jared, because cerebral palsy, which affects his muscles and motor coordination, limits his mobility.

While the ride is different, the rush is the same. "He really is just like any other kid," Jared told Fox 40. "His body needs a little extra help to get things done, but like any father, when you see your kid happy, it's the greatest feeling in the world."

Knowing his son loves movement and going fast, Jared got the idea to take Atticus to the skate park after watching a YouTube video of another father doing the same for his son in a wheelchair. Now, he, Atticus, and mom Tresa visit the skate park often, and Atticus' happy expression says it all.

"Everyone with disabilities, they have all the same wants and needs as the rest of us, and it just takes the tiniest bit of adaptation to make our world expand to include them," mom Tresa said.

I agree with the Edmunds, and I celebrate their willingness to boldly go where not too many other parents might think to take a child in a wheelchair. Also, I hope videos like this one will show the the world the possibilities open to kids with special needs, and I hope they make us all dream a little bigger for our own kids.

Jamie Pacton lives near Portland where she drinks loads of coffee, dreams of sailing, and enjoys each day with her husband and two sons. Find her at www.jamiepacton.com and on Twitter @jamiepacton.