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The latest news on special needs parenthood and other important topics to do with raising children with learning disabilities, such as autism, ADHD, and Asperger's.

How One Mom Started an Autism School--and How You Can, Too

Tricia Hasbrook founded Victory Academy to give her son AJ, who has autism, a better, more integrated learning experience. Here, she offers tips for others who want to start their own school for students on the spectrum.

'Sesame Street' Masterfully Tackles the Subject of Autism in First Episode With New Character Julia

Julia is different, and wonderful, and so much more in her first appearance on Sesame Street.

We May Be Able to Diagnose Autism Before Age 1

Researchers say a new test may be able to predict an autism diagnosis before a child's first birthday.

Mom's Vitamin D Levels During Pregnancy May Affect Autism Risk

Taking vitamin D supplements during the first trimester of pregnancy may prevent autism traits in newborns, according to a new study conducted on mice.

This Mom Just Raised $36,000 to Buy an Accessible Van for Her 2 Kids with Special Needs

After raising money for just four months, Barbara Fischer has scored enough funds to purchase a new accessible van for her two adopted kids, both of whom have severe disabilities.

Want to Know What It's Like to Have Autism? Watch This Video

This powerful video shows what it's like for a child with autism to navigate a crowded mall.

Is ABA Therapy the Best Choice for Kids with Autism?

The mom of an autistic son wrestles with the debate about ABA therapy for kids on the spectrum, and asks an autistic adult for input.

No! Parents of Kids with Severe Disabilities Should Not Be Able to Stop Their Growth

The mom of a special needs child shares why she is vehemently against stunting the growth of children with disabilities to make them easier to care for.

U.S. Parents Rate Their Kids' Autism Symptoms More Severely Than Other Countries

Culture may play a role in the degree to which certain ASD behaviors are perceived as problematic, says a new study that includes multiple countries.

Sensory-Friendly Events for Autism Awareness Month

Many businesses have exciting sensory-friendly events planned for April, during Autism Acceptance/Awareness Month.

A 2-Minute TSA Pat-Down of a Child with Special Needs Should Not Happen

Outraged by a lengthy, unnecssary TSA patdown of a child with special needs, one mom investigates ways she can make travel easier with her own disabled child.

Chuck E. Cheese Offers Sensory Sensitive Sundays for Kids with Autism and Other Special Needs

Chuck E. Cheese is now offering a sensory-friendly play experience one Sunday a month in select locations.

Sesame Street Introduces New Muppet With Autism

Due to popular demand, family-fav show Sesame Street has added an adorable new member of the gang, who happens to have autism.

10 Things I've Learned from My Daughter with Down Syndrome

One mom shares what she's learned in the first decade of raising a child with Down syndrome.

12 Sleep Tips for Kids with Special Needs--from Real Parents

Try these tested methods to help your little one snooze through the night.

We're Overdiagnosing Kids with Autism, But Maybe That's Not Such a Bad Thing

New research suggests that autism may be overdiagnosed in nearly 10 percent of children. Here's why one mom thinks that's a good thing.

This Hairdresser's Kindness Toward a Boy with Autism Is Winning the Internet

A hairdresser's act of kindness highlights why it's important to meet kids with autism on their level.

This Is What the Future Can Look Like for Kids on the Autism Spectrum

A young adult with autism and two moms with kids on the spectrum share what they thought the future held--and how good it can be.

Why Kids with Autism Stim--Helpful Advice from an Autistic Adult

Stimming behavior can seem mysterious, but it's easier to understand when explained by an adult who has autism.

Stop Calling Kids with Autism "High" or "Low" Functioning

Labeling kids as "high" or "low" functioning is harmful--here's why.

Hooray! Carolina Town Will Become First Autism-Friendly Vacation Spot

Surfside, South Carolina is becoming the first official autism-friendly destination, where locals hope families affected by ASD will visit to enjoy a relaxing, judgment-free vacation.

4 Moms Share What It's Like to Be an Autistic Parent

Four moms, all with austism diagnoses and all who have children on the spectrum, offer insights into what it's like to be an autistic parent.

Happy Video of the Day: Deaf Dad Teaches Deaf Baby 'If You're Happy' Song

Watch this daddy and daughter share a simple, heartwarming moment together.