Dr. Rich Constantine is the latest viral sensation to sweep Facebook with his toothy take on Drake's dance challenge he calls, "In My Fillings."


July 23, 2018

Move over Drake, one Greenville, South Carolina dentist turned internet sensation, Dr. Rich Constantine, has got us all in our feelings. Don’t get the reference? Well, thanks to rapper Drake’s latest single, “In My Feelings” from his album Scorpion, the latest viral dance trend has been born and everyone from your average Joe to some A-list celebrities (including Ciara, Will Smith, Millie Bobby Brown, and many more) are recreating the moves and posting their videos to social media.

But, going viral takes a very special recipe—we’ll credit Dr. Constantine’s chiseled physique and devilishly good looks to the 388K likes, 591K shares, and 46 million views his video received on Facebook. Let’s just say Constantine Dental’s latest PR stunt captioned, “In My ‘Fillings’” was a major hit.

Thanks to Dr. Constantine’s rendition, everyone and their mothers are realizing they may be due for a check-up and they aren’t afraid to vocalize that. Check out these hilarious reactions:

After receiving all this attention, it only seemed right that Dr. Dreamy himself create a follow up video thanking his fans and name dropping his wife, Trish. *Cue sighs*

Dr. Constantine did thank his opinionated following for all the love and support when stating, “Before the other day, I was just known for some wedding dancing and doing dance battles with my wife, Trish, at home in the living room.” He continued, “This is all about making people realize that going to the dentist can be fun and to realize we are just here to make you smile.”

Well, Dr. Constantine…mission accomplished. It may be time to open up a second practice.