All Auvi-Q epinephrine auto-injectors have been recalled because the prodcuts were delivering inaccurate dosages to users.

By Caitlin St John

For parents of children with serious allergies, an allergic reaction is a constant fear. Luckily, on-the-spot treatments have been developed to buy individuals time to get to the hospital when experiencing a reaction, such as anaphylaxis.

But if your child or loved one carries an Auvi-Q injector, you'll want to replace it ASAP. Yesterday, Sanofi announced a voluntary recall of all Auvi-Q (and Allerject in Canada) products.

The reason? Auvi-Q products have been found to deliver the wrong dosage.

This recall includes all Auvi-Q products currently on the market—both 0.15 mg and 0.3 mg strengths created for consumers, hospitals, and retailers. The expiration dates of the products range from March 2016 to December 2016, including lot numbers 2299596 through 3037230.

At this time, Sanofi has received 26 reports of malfunctioning devices in both the United States and Canada. Although none of the reports resulted in death, patients described symptoms of "underlying hypersensitivity reaction."

The company has temporarily halted manufacturing and is contacting distributors and customers to arrange for return or reimbursement of the recalled products.

If you have an affected Auvi-Q, click here to find out how to contact Sanofi. The company is also urging anyone with an auto-injector to immediately contact their healthcare provider in order to obtain a prescription for an alternative product.

Caitlin St John is an Editorial Assistant for who splits her time between New York City and her hometown on Long Island. Follow her on Twitter:@CAITYstjohn.



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