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Hello, and welcome to Parents News Now here on Parents.com!

To start, I thought I'd share a word about me. I'm not new to news--I've been a reporter and editor for more than 15 years covering topics ranging from religion to health to food.

But I am new to parenting, and since my son was born almost 6 months ago, I've been amazed at how quickly my news appetites have changed. It started during my pregnancy, when I would search hungrily for any new developments in the physical and emotional journeys of pregnancy, labor, and delivery. And now that I'm a full-fledged mom, I find myself scanning my regular daily news stops (which I actually have the energy to do now that we're all getting some sleep at night...) for the latest information and research about raising healthy kids, child development, educational trends, product recalls, and even the celebrity parenting scuttlebutt.

These and other topics are what you'll find each day on Parents News Now (PNN, if you will forgive some mild cuteness!). I'll scan the headlines and keep you in the know, hopefully making "find out what's going on in the parenting world" one less item on your long to-do list.

Finally, a blog is a conversation, and I hope that PNN will be a lively one, where you feel free to share your views on the news of the day, submit items you noticed and think we should discuss, and generally connect with other informed parents.

How can you do that, you might ask? Here are 3 ways to start:

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Here we go!

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