Update: Two Students Dead in Ohio School Shooting

After yesterday's shooting at a Cleveland-area high school, two students have died, CNN.com reports. Russell King Jr., 17, was declared brain dead early Tuesday, and student Daniel Parmertor died on Monday. Three others were reportedly wounded in the shooting.

The teenaged shooter, who has not been named by officials, has only been identified as a male sophomore student at the school. Some students who witnessed the shooting told CNN the shooter was a withdrawn classmate named T.J. Lane. A lawyer for the Lane family described the boy as "very, very scared and extremely remorseful."

There is no school today at Chardon High School. "I want people to stay home tomorrow to reflect on their families," Superintendent Joe Bergant told CNN, choking with emotion at a Monday afternoon news conference, "and if you haven't hugged or kissed your kid, do."

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