By Holly Lebowitz Rossi
June 25, 2014

Two investigations--one conducted by an independent company--have both failed to find any evidence to support the reported account that a 3-year-old girl and her grandmother were asked to leave a Jackson, Mississippi KFC restaurant because the girl's scars and bandages were upsetting other customers.

The findings follow a media tidal wave that began with social media-fed outrage over the story that little Victoria Wilcher, who had survived a brutal attack by three pit bull dogs, had been humiliated and refused service in this way.  Then, after KFC's corporate headquarters had pledged to pay $30,000 toward Victoria's ongoing medical care, word surfaced that the story could not be corroborated and may have been a hoax.  This week, the Jackson franchise where the incident allegedly took place announced it was conducting both internal and independent investigations to establish what actually happened.

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