By Holly Lebowitz Rossi

Dr. Jennifer Arnold and husband Bill Klein, whose TLC show "The Little Couple" chronicles their lives and, recently, their journey to become parents, are mourning a miscarriage suffered by their surrogate.

The couple had chosen to pursue surrogate parenting because of the physical risks involved with Arnold carrying a pregnancy herself, given her skeletal dysplasia, the bone-growth disorder that causes her dwarfism.

The season finale of the show, which aired Tuesday, showed the couple working with their surrogate to undergo the final stage of in-vitro fertilization, in which embryos are transferred into the uterus in hopes of achieving a pregnancy.  Initially, the news was good, with the surrogate reporting a positive pregnancy test to the overjoyed Arnold and Klein.  But the episode ended with a brief, heartbroken statement from the couple reporting that their surrogate had miscarried the pregnancy.

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