TV Personality Maria Menounos to Freeze Her Eggs 29287

Maria Menounos, the Greek-American television personality who currently co-hosts the NBC entertainment program "Extra," told Dr. Drew Pinsky on his television show that she plans to have her eggs frozen so she can meet some career goals before she and her longtime boyfriend start a family.

"I'm 33 and I decided that I know that I have a couple of years of work I want to get to and then do it (become a mom). I figured this is kind of an insurance policy, to a degree, to protect myself, from when I want to do it when I'm older," she told Pinsky on his "Lifechangers" show, according to The San Francisco Chronicle's blog.

She shared her decision with her parents on the show, telling them, "I have decided I am going to have kids... but, to make it realistic – because I am not going to do it for a few years, we're going to freeze our eggs so that we have no problems down the line."

Freezing eggs is a medical procedure similar to in-vitro fertilization--women take hormone injections to stimulate egg production, and then a fertility specialist retrieves the eggs in a minor surgical procedure, placing healthy eggs into cryopreservation for potential future thawing and fertilization.