There's a possibility there could be glass shards in your Trader Joe's applesauce.

By Melissa Willets
February 28, 2017
Credit: Trader Joe's Recall Announcement

Attention, Trader Joe's shoppers! The popular grocery chain has announced a new recall of its Unsweetened Apple Sauces due to the possibility of glass shards inside the jars.

According to a statement on the company's website, the recall includes three different applesauce products, some of which were sold in all stores across the country. Trader Joe's First Crush Unsweetened Gravenstein Apple Sauce, Trader Joe's Organic Unsweetened Apple Sauce, and Trader Joe's All Natural Unsweetened Apple Sauce are involved in the recall. You can see a full list of bar codes and sell-by dates on the company's site.

If you purchased a recalled product, you are advised to discard it, or return it to any Trader Joe's location for a full refund. Rest assured the affected applesauces are no longer being sold in stores.

Reach TJ's customer service at (626) 599-3817 or send them an email if you have further questions.

On a personal note, as a devoted TJ mama who often buys applesauce for my kiddos, I'm just glad my little ones weren't hurt in this scary recall! It's hard to even think about what could happen with glass shards in applesauce! Thank goodness the problem was brought to the company's attention, and they are taking the right steps to resolve it.

In the past, the company has also recalled frozen veggies and peanut butter.

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