By Holly Lebowitz Rossi

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Call it the season of regiving. Toy rental is part of a growing trend in recent years for renting everything from designer handbags to big-screen TVs.

It's about stretching your holiday dollars further, said Nikki Pope, founder and CEO of Toygaroo, a toy rental company with 11 employees that launched a year-and-a-half ago.

"We don't do tricycles and dollhouses, but we do filler toys that moms and dads feel pressured to put under the tree," she said. Things like puzzles, educational electronic games, and wooden toys.

Pope compared her company to DVD rental giant Netflix. Members pay from $24.99 a month for four toys up to $50 for eight toys, and every box that ships contains $120 to $300 in merchandise. Toys offered include everything from products that carry well-known brand names such as Fisher-Price to items from lesser-known toy makers that don't show up at Toys R Us. If a customer wants to swap out a toy during any given month that can be done for an additional charge.


Image: Christmas gifts, via Shutterstock.



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