A judge says this mom has one week to vaccinate her son, or else she is headed for the big house.

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A Michigan mom feels so strongly about her decision not to vaccinate her son, she is willing to go to jail over it. After fighting with her ex-husband in court, Rebecca Bredow, a mom of two, now has just one week to get her 9-year-old vaccinated, or else that is exactly where she'll be.

"I would rather sit behind bars standing up for what I believe in, than giving in to something I strongly don't believe in," Bredow told WXYZ. She explained that she used to space out her son's vaccines, but once doctors "started grouping them together," she "backed off of doing vaccines."

When her son was born, Bredow claims she and her husband were on the same page about immunizations, but he is now in favor of them, and after doing her research, she is not. The mom prefers to use waivers, which are permitted in the state of Michigan, to excuse her son from having to get vaccinated.

The issue is that her ex is not on board, and the court has ordered that Bredow, who is the primary caregiver, must vaccinate her son. "I feel angry. I feel backed into a corner. I feel like my rights as a parent have been taken away," she told WXYZ about the decision. She added, "Why automatically side with the father that wants the vaccines? What about my choice as a mother?"

An Oakland County judge will decide how much time Bredow would spend in jail, if she ultimately does not get her son vaccinated. Which begs the question, would it really benefit a child more to have their mom behind bars, or to not get a vaccine? But Bredow claims she couldn't live with herself if her son was "injured" from a vaccine.

According to a policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics on the safety of vaccines, "studies continue to find vaccines to be a safe and effective way to prevent serious disease." Furthermore, despite ongoing debate, studies have failed to definitively link vaccines with autism. But research does show that when more people refuse vaccines, the chances of diseases like measles, and whooping cough infecting the most vulnerable members of society, like infants and those who are unvaccinated, increases.

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In the end, I totally agree that a parent should have the power to make decisions for what they think is best for their child. Unfortunately, it seems being right is what is most important in this case.

What is your take?

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