This Company Now Lets Female Staffers Take a Day Off for Their Period

A company in India now offers female employees "menstrual leave" each month, which means they can take the first day of their period off from work.

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I usually know when my period is about to show up because I pretty much turn into a raging b*tch—though of course I'll deny it if you ever try to call me on it, because duh. My cramps are BAD, you guys. And while I've never called in sick to work because of them, I've definitely thought about it. But get this: There's now a company in Mumbai called Culture Machine that's actually offering "First Day of Period" leave!

*googles flights to Mumbai*

The company—which is known for making viral videos—currently has 75 female staffers. In order to introduce them to the program, the powers-that-be filmed a video of the women talking about how much it basically sucks to work while surfing the Crimson Wave, then they kept the cameras rolling and filmed their reactions when they told them about the new initiative.

Pretty cool!

"The first day is obviously a not-so-comfortable day for most," President of Human Resource Devleena S. Majmuder explained in the clip. "It's time we face the reality. This is not an embarrassment. This is part of life."

Amen, sister!

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While we're sure not everyone will be comfortable enough to actually use the policy—I know I would!—it's kind of cool to see a company being so progressive when it comes to implementing menstrual leave—and not just in their own office. Culture Machine is now trying to make FOP Leave happen all over India, and they've even launched a petition over on, which you should totally go sign right now, OK?

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