A new survey by Parents and Pfizer shows that parents and parents-to-be don’t know enough about this infectious disease and how to prevent it.


A surprising number of new and expectant parents know very little about certain vaccine-preventable infectious diseases, according to a new survey sponsored by Pfizer in partnership with Parents.

The survey of more than 2,000 new and soon-to-be parents revealed that only 30 percent were knowledgeable about invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD), while more than twice as many were up to speed on measles (68 percent), mumps (63 percent), polio (64 percent), and hepatitis B (63 percent). IPD—a group of infectious illnesses including bacterial meningitis and a bloodstream infection—is caused by a bacterium called pneumococcus, which can also cause ear infections.

Here are more highlights from the survey:

IPD Awareness Infographic

Following the recommended immunization schedule from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is the best way to help protect your child from 16 potentially harmful diseases.