Study: Grandparents Keep Kids Safer in the Car

A study published Monday in the journal Pediatrics has found that grandparent drivers are generally safer with child passengers, safer even than the kids' own parents. The study found that children who were involved in accidents where a grandparent was driving were at half the risk of injury as compared to those whose parents were driving the car.

"My hypothesis setting out was that grandparents may be putting their grandchildren at higher risk in crashes," Henretig said, citing a range of factors from older cars and inadequately installed car seats to a general decline in driving ability.

But only about .7 percent of kids riding with grandparents were hurt, compared with 1.05 percent of kids riding with parents, a reduction of risk of about 33 percent. That rose to 50 percent when factors such as age, restraint use and crash characteristics were considered.

"Lo and behold, it turns out kids are only getting injured half as often," Henretig said.

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