By Sherry Huang
February 06, 2015

The pope made headlines last month with his repeated support for breastfeeding moms, but now he's in the news for a different reason: his (apparent) support for spanking done with dignity.

Much like the vaccines debate, the spanking debate is a touchy, ongoing topic -- and Pope Francis's remarks seem to fall into the "spare the rod, spoil the rod" side. What makes his comments surprising is that the United Nations recently recommended the Vatican prohibit corporal punishment toward child.

While some have taken to Twitter to express their disappointment, a Vatican spokesperson, Father Thomas Rosica, says the pope wasn't supporting physical punishment so much as proper discipline. "Let us not read into the Pope's words anything other than what is there. He speaks constantly of mercy and tenderness," he said.

"The pope was obviously not speaking about committing violence or cruelty against a child but rather about 'helping someone to grow and mature,'" reports The New York Times.

Which side do you fall in in the spanking debate?

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Image: Mother spanking daughter via Shutterstock


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