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A woman is suing her employer because the company refused to grant her maternity leave when her twins were born through a surrogate.

Kara Krill of Long Island, New York, is suing for breach of contract and discrimination on the basis of her disability. After her first child was born in 2007, Krill was diagnosed with Asherman's Syndrome, a condition that can cause scar tissue in the uterus and prevent a woman from carrying a pregnancy. In order to have more children, Krill and her husband used a surrogate, who carried and gave birth to twins.

Krill's company, Cubist Pharmaceuticals, gave her 13 weeks of paid maternity leave when her first child was born. But because she was not carrying and giving birth to the twins herself, Cubist would only grant five days of leave, the amount they give parents who adopt.

Readers, what do you think? Should women who use a surrogate get maternity leave?