Samsung Is Recalling Close to 3 Million Washing Machines

The lids of its top-loading washers can pop off violently while the laundry is spinning, posing an injury risk.

samsung top loading washer

On the heels of its Galaxy smartphone recall due to risk of fire, Samsung announced Friday that it is now recalling close to three million top-loading washing machines after reports that the lids can pop off violently while the laundry is spinning. There have been nine reports of related injuries, including a broken jaw and injured shoulder.

In a statement, Samsung revealed that the drums in the washers can lose balance, triggering excessive vibrations that result in the top separating from the washer when a high-speed spin cycle is used for things like bedding and bulky items. Yikes!

If you have a top-loading Samsung in your home, go to Samsung's website to enter your model number and see if it's affected. If it is, and you bought it in the last 30 days, you're eligible for a full refund from the original place of purchase. Otherwise, you've got two options: The first is a free in-home repair that includes reinforcement of the washer's top. Go this route and you'll also get a free one-year extension of your warranty, regardless of how long ago you purchased your washer.

The second choice is a rebate—based on the manufacture date and model of the recalled washer—that can be applied towards the purchase of a new model from Samsung or another brand, plus free installation and removal of the old unit. If you choose to buy another Samsung, you'll get an additional loyalty incentive up to $150 toward your new purchase.

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As an added safety measure, all known washer owners will receive a Home Label Kit in the mail with a new control panel guide, two warning labels and step-by-step instructions for applying them to the machine, and a user manual supplement.

Until your repair or rebate is complete, Samsung is advising owners of the recalled washers to use the delicate or waterproof cycles when washing all bedding, water-resistant, or bulky items.

For more details, please visit the Samsung website.

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