Before you bite into that sandwich or snack pack, read these recall details.

By Melissa Willets
November 28, 2016
sabra sandwich
Credit: FDA/Flickr

Unless you've been living underneath a giant pita chip, chances are you've heard that a number of flavors and sizes of Sabra hummus were recalled due to concerns over listeria contamination. Since a listeria infection can pose a serious health risk to children, pregnant women, the elderly, and to those with compromised immune systems, the large-scale recall is a pretty big deal.

This recall hit close to home for me, because soon after it was announced, an automated call from Costco alerted me that indeed, I'd purchased potentially unsafe hummus. Which I was planning to crack open and offer to my hungry relatives arriving by the minute for the holiday. Now it turns out I may have other items in my fridge made by and in conjunction with Sabra Dipping Co. that are affected, because the recall has expanded.

For instance, Taylor Farms snacks that contain Sabra hummus are now being recalled. Specifically, "Taylor Farms Veggie and Hummus Bistro Boxes" and "Schnucks Vegetable and Hummus Snack Trays" may have become contaminated, although no illnesses have yet been reported. You should check the FDA's website to see a full list of the recalled snacks, as well as details.

This wide-sweeping recall has also expanded to include sandwiches made by LSG Sky Chefs Supply Chain Solutions, Inc., and distributed to several states. Chicken and Hummus sandwiches sold at 7-Eleven stores in Pittsburgh, PA, Cleveland, OH, and Buffalo, NY may have been contaminated, and were therefore pulled from stores, according to the FDA. Mediterranean Style Chicken with Hummus sandwiches distributed at Washington state-area 7-Eleven stores, as well as stores in Nevada and Northern California, are also included in this scary recall. If you by chance purchased one of these sandwiches between November 18, 2016 and November 20, 2016, and still have it lying around, you absolutely shouldn't eat it or serve it to your relatives.

I don't mean to spread fear (pardon the pun), but are we soon to hear of additional items affected?

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