Rescuers Save 2-Week-Old Baby from Turkey Earthquake Rubble 29329

Tolga Bozoglu / EPA, via

A 2-week-old baby girl who had been pinned in her mother's arms during the 7.2-magnitude earthquake that struck eastern Turkey Sunday was rescued safely nearly 48 hours after the disaster.  The rescue workers also rescued the girl's mother, alive, from the apartment building that had collapsed around them.  The baby's grandmother was brought out of the wreckage on a stretcher, but it was unclear whether she had survived. [UPDATE: The grandmother has also reportedly survived.]

Young Azra Karaduman was removed from the wreckage, naked and wrapped in a blanket, to the sounds of applause from rescuers and the quick attention of medics, reports.

"I am so excited. What can I say. Let God help them," the child's other grandmother, Sevim Yigit, told Reuters, eyes brimming with tears of joy beneath her headscarf.

The baby's father, who was also in the building, has not yet been located.

An estimated 2,000 buildings collapsed in the earthquake.  More than 350 people have been reported dead, and 1,300 injuries are reported so far.