Check your pantry!

By Gillian Nigro
March 17, 2016
bumble bee chunk light tuna cans
Credit: Geri Lavrov/Getty Images

Thinking of packing a tuna salad sandwich in your kid's lunch this week? Check the label on the can before you make a batch. Bumble Bee Foods, LLC announced Wednesday it is recalling 31,579 cases of its canned tuna, citing deviations in the sterilization process that occurred in a packing facility it doesn't own or operate.

The San Diego-based company said these deviations could result in contamination by spoilage organisms or pathogens, which could result in life-threatening illness if consumed. There have been no reports of illnesses associated with the affected products to date, thankfully, but the news is still enough to make any concerned parent do a thorough inspection of the pantry.

The recall extends to three varieties of chunk light tuna that were produced in February 2016 and distributed nationally. Check your cans for the following UPC codes:

  • 8660000020 5 oz. Bumble Bee chunk light tuna in water
  • 8660000021 5 oz. Bumble Bee chunk light tuna in oil
  • 8660000736 4-pack of 5 oz. Bumble Bee chunk light tuna in water

A full list of "best by" dates can be found on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration website. If you discover any of your cans of tuna are included in this recall, the FDA advises you to throw them away immediately. For further information, you can contact Bumble Bee at 1-888-820-1947.

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