The company initially issued a voluntary recall of the cups, but has since backtracked, saying their own tests revealed "safe" levels of lead.
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After popular blogger Natural Baby Mama offered to test products for her readers, a brand-new Green Sprouts sippy cup straight out of the box came up positive for lead.

According to her website, while the outside of the sippy cup is made from plastic, there's a glass jar on the inside with writing, and it's the writing that tested positive at 3,003ppm lead. The allowable limit of lead for a product a child is going to come into contact with? 90ppm. Yikes!

The results prompted other moms to start doing their own testing with at-home test swabs, leading to even more positive lead results from the paint on the Green Sprout bottles. When the company became aware of the situation, it initially announced a voluntary recall.

"We take these claims very seriously, and have been investigating, but decided to take corrective action without delay in an abundance of caution," it explained. "We have made the decision to conduct a voluntary recall." But then the next day, the company reversed its decision, stating that it had tested the cups and found lead levels within the safe limits.

Wait, what?

According to Natural Baby Mama, as per the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) as long as the child cannot touch a component of a product intended for them, then the company does not need to stay under the 90ppm law. "It does not make it right in my opinion though," she writes.

Yes, there's an argument to be made that a child won't necessarily come into contact with the writing, since it's on the outside of the glass, which is then housed in plastic. But kids can unscrew the bottom and take the bottle apart, and even worse, the writing can wash off. "The mom who owns these bottles has been using this for her daughter for the last year and a half," Natural Baby Mama explained. "She has glass bottles that no longer have the writing on it. That writing, and lead, has washed off in her dishwasher over the years." Pretty scary, considering lead is a neurotoxin that causes permanent brain damage and is especially harmful for children younger than 6.

So now what? Natural Baby Mama suggests tossing the cups if you own them, since the risk of the writing coming off is too high. "I just can't stop thinking about the leaded writing coming off in the dishwasher then those dishes being used to serve my family food on," she writes. "I can't support a company that is using this high of lead in a child's product. Let alone a child's product that is for drinking or eating."

If you have one of these cups at home and you're worried, it's not a bad idea to conduct your own test. You can order your own lead tests strips through Amazon here.

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