Polish Woman Endures 75 Days' Labor to Save Twins 29535

A Polish woman whose pregnancy was in grave danger of severely premature delivery spent 75 days in labor--during most of which she was nearly upside-down--in order to save her babies.

Joanna Krzysztonek was carrying triplets, but one of the fetuses was born prematurely and died.  In order to stop labor and allow the remaining two fetuses to grow, Krzysztonek remained in the unusual, uncomfortable position at the hospital for more than two more months.

Reuters reports that Krzysztonek gave birth February 15 to a girl, Iga, and a boy, Ignacy, at a gestational age of 32 weeks.  The twins remain in incubators at the hospital, but they are expected to return home soon.

Krzysztonek reportedly had balance problems after emerging from her bed, but is now able to visit and hold her babies daily.

Image: Small baby's hand, via Shutterstock.