Parents Make New Year's Resolutions

Experts agree that New Year's is the perfect time for parents to take stock of their parenting strengths and weaknesses, and make meaningful changes. But psychotherapist and TODAY contributor Stacy Kaiser warns that "big, lofty goals" are almost always impossible to achieve. For instance, resolving to spend an hour a night reading to your kids is pretty tough in the long run. Instead, Kaiser says, if you want to give yourself a good chance of keeping your parenting resolution past February, make it "easier and bite sized"— like resolving to read more to your kids on the weekends.

Eric Corpus, a parenting and lifestyle blogger in New York City, has a pretty manageable resolution in mind for 2013 — but one that he hopes will result in a big parenting pay off.

"I need to start teaching my 5-year-old son how to play the guitar," he says. "I've been playing for 20 years, so we don't have to hire an instructor." And Corpus believes that playing guitar together will be a bond they'll share for a lifetime.

His wife and co-blogger, Laura Corpus, has a different twist on quality time.

"In the coming year," she says, "I want to make it a priority to do meaningful things apart from the kids so that I can be more fully present when I am with them." In 2013, she plans to focus on her pastel artwork, and carve out from 2 a.m. to 9 a.m., when "nobody else needs her," to make her painting a priority. (Yes, that's right, 2 a.m. Apparently sleep won't be a big priority in 2013!)

Corpus isn't alone in her desire to strike the right balance between work, family and personal time. In a hyper-wired world, many parents say they want to be more "in the moment" with their children this year. Putting down the smart phone and listening a little more closely to those little voices is a common parenting resolution for 2013— for both "ordinary" and high-profile moms alike.

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