Osprey is recalling more than 80,000 of its Poco backpack baby carriers after realizing it's possible for a child to slip through the leg openings and fall out.

By Melissa Willets

If you are a baby-wearing parent, listen up! Osprey is recalling 82,000 Poco child carriers due to the very scary and extremely dangerous risk that a child can slip through the leg openings and fall out. The company has already received four reports of kids falling through the openings; one child suffered a skull fracture (so frightening!), and another had scratches to the head.

According to the Consumer Product Safey Commission (CPSC), the company is recalling all Poco, Poco Plus, and Poco Premium child backpack carriers that were manufactured between January 2012 and December 2014. The carriers were sold at retailer REI and other specialty outdoor stores nationwide, as well as online at Amazon.com, from January 2012 to December 2015. The cost was between (a steep!) $200 and $300.

The carriers, which are made of nylon and feature a metal frame and gray padded inside seat, were sold in three colors: Romper Red, Koala Grey, and Bouncing Blue.

You'll want to look for a production date, which is stamped on a black label, sewn into the inside of the large lower zippered compartment on the back of the baby carrier, to see if your carrier is affected. The following dates are being recalled, according to the CPSC: S12SBPR1, S12SBPR1B, S12SBPR2, S12SBPR3, S12SBPR4, F12SBPR1, F12SBPR2, S13SB IPO, S13SBPR1, S13SBPR2, S13SBPR3, S13SBPR4, F13SBPR1, F13SBPR2, F13SBPR3, S14SBPR1, S14SBPR2, S14SBPR3, S14SBPR4, S14SBPR5.

Consumers should further note that the model name (Poco, Poco Plus, and Poco Premium) is printed on the back of the carrier, at the bottom.

If you find that indeed your carrier is involved in the Osprey recall, you are urged to stop using it immediately (obviously!) and contact the company for a free Seat Pad Insert, which can be used with the existing safety straps to ensure your child is secure. If you previously received a seat pad, you do not need to do anything further.

It's important to note that Osprey initiated a similar recall last year.

Here are details on how to get in touch with Osprey.

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