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'Octomom' Poses Topless to Raise Money

'Octomom' Poses Topless to Raise Money 29569
Nadya Suleman, the California mother who became known as the "Octomom" after she gave birth to octuplets in 2009, has reportedly granted a paid interview and posed for semi-nude photos in a British magazine because her large family is struggling financially.  USA Today reports:

Southern California attorney Jeff Czech said Tuesday that with 14 children to care for [she has 6 other children in addition to the octuplets], Suleman can't hold down a regular job to pay bills and "does whatever she can."

In photos posted to and published in Britain's Closer magazine, Suleman wears panties and little else.

Last summer, Suleman made news when she told In Touch magazine "her babies "disgust" her.

Image: Nadya Suleman, via s_bukley /