Dr. Michael Kamrava, the Los Angeles fertility doctor whose 2009 in-vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure resulted in Nadya Suleman's infamous octuplets, is asking for the California medical board to allow him to continue practicing medicine while he appeals the board's decision to suspend his license.

Dr. Kamrava represented himself in court, according to The Associated Press, and claimed the state's medical licensing agency "exceeded its jurisdiction and violated (his) due process right to earn a living" by revoking his license.

If the board upholds its decision, Dr. Kamrava can petition to have his license reinstated after three years.  At that time, he would have to demonstrate considerable changes to the medical judgment that led him to transfer high numbers of embryos--12 in an early cycle of Suleman's--into IVF patients.

What do you think of the medical board's decision in this case?  Should they uphold it?