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In a year when many school districts have experienced teacher layoffs and spending cuts, President Obama's new jobs bill, unveiled Thursday, pays particular attention to education.

The proposal would spend $25 billion to repair and modernize school buildings, and would give $35 billion to states to prevent the layoff of 280,000 teachers across the country.

"These are the men and women charged with preparing our children for a world where the competition has never been tougher," the president said. "But while they're adding teachers in places like South Korea, we're laying them off in droves. It's unfair to our kids. It undermines their future and ours. And it has to stop. Pass this jobs bill, and put our teachers back in the classroom where they belong."

As for school buildings, the president would put people to work repairing roofs and windows, and installing science labs and internet access. "[T]here are schools throughout this country that desperately need renovating," he said. "How can we expect our kids to do their best in places that are literally falling apart?"

Parents, what do you think of these proposals to secure teacher jobs and update schools?

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