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NYC Hospitals Writing Prescriptions for Fruits and Vegetables

As part of a campaign to combat childhood obesity in New York City, two area hospitals have begun a pilot program that involves sending kids home from exams with prescriptions for fruits, vegetables, and other healthy choices.  More from

Pediatricians at Lincoln Medical Center and Harlem Hospital are sending young children who visit the hospital for obesity treatment home with prescriptions to eat one more serving of fruits and vegetables each day. The Fruit and Vegetable Prescription (FVRx), a four month pilot program, allows the patients with prescriptions to get coupons for fresh produce at farmers markets and the city's green carts.

With more pediatricians treating kids for diseases formerly only seen in adults, some hospitals, feeling pressure to address one of the leading causes of health problems in their communities, are taking the lead in finding better ways to encourage children to eat better and exercise more.

Image: Tomatoes, via Shutterstock