Mom Turned Her SUV Into a Billboard to Find Her Daughter a Kidney Donor

A young woman in Arizona is in need of a second kidney transplant. hHer mom has turned her SUV into a mobile advertisement for a donor. 

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When an Arizona woman named Emilia Haro received her first kidney transplant from her older sister, she was just a senior in high school. Two years ago, at 32 years old, doctors told her that she needs a new kidney. In response, her mom, whose name is also Emilia, has turned her SUV into a billboard asking for help, according to The Casa Grande Dispatch.

Her Lexus SUV has a message painted on the back with her phone number alongside message, "Daughter needs a kidney, Blood Type O".

“So far, no one has called,” Haro told the Dispatch. “My daughter has been on dialysis for two years. I don’t want to think about what will happen if we don’t find a donor."

Mom Emilia told Tucson News Now of the heartbreaking turn of events: "We never thought we'd be in this situation again. We thought the kidney would last forever."

The younger Emilia couldn't be more grateful for her mother's efforts. “I know why she did it," she said, according to local news station KTVK. "She’s trying to do everything in her power to get the word out there “Even though I’m going through this again and now, I still feel incredibly blessed."

With hope, the SUV message and headlines about this loving mother and daughter help lead them to a donor ASAP.

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