Minnesota Boy's Letter Sparks Internet Search for Stolen Bike

A Haro Pro Race bike, similar to the one stolen from Culley Larson

A 10-year-old Minnesota boy is appealing to his community to help him recover a treasured bicycle that was stolen from his garage this week. The letter has piqued the interest of far-reaching Internet sites including Yahoo Shine, sparking a Web-wide search for the bike, and asking people to think about bicycle theft in their own areas.

Tim Engstrom, the managing editor of the Albert Lea Tribune newspaper, which printed the letter, told Yahoo the letter is a powerful plea from a small child: "At first you think it's an ordinary bike being stolen and then you realize this is the kid's passion— his parents take him every Wednesday about an hour from home to ride this bike in a certain area."

Here is the letter, reprinted from the Albert Lea Tribune:

Hello, my name is Culley Larson, and I am 10 years old and live in Albert Lea. This past Saturday someone stole my BMX bike out of my parents' garage. I love this town, and I am sad that people steal other kids' bikes. This is something I do not understand.

I am writing this letter to ask for your help. If you have kids, look to see if you have a bike at your house that does not belong to you. Parents, please ask your kids if any of their friends have a new bike lately? If you do not have kids, be on a lookout for anyone who has gotten a new bike the past couple of days. If you see the bike, call the police. If you have the bike, please bring it back.

I am willing to use some of my own money that I have saved as a reward to get my bike back. I know other kids get their bikes stolen. I have read it myself in the newspaper. I am hoping my letter will not only help me, but maybe help other kids also get their bikes back. I hope 10 other kids also get their bikes back. If they do we can have a celebration and call it "get your bike back day." It would be the best day ever!

A kid getting their bike stolen is like a grown up getting their car stolen. My bike is a Haro Pro Race bike with a black frame and white seat and white handle bars. My parents take me to Mankato every Wednesday to race on a dirt trail. This bike is very specific to the sport and has special tires. This is my summer sport, and I cannot race the track on my legs. I need my bike.

I have said a little prayer for my bike. I hope God is listening. I also asked God to help someone to make the right decision. I love my God, I love my family, I love my bike.

(image via: http://www.mk-bikeshop.de/)

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