By Holly Lebowitz Rossi
December 20, 2012
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January 2, 2019
Great information! Especially about the earlier a teen starts using marijuana the more likely they'll become addicted to it later in life. As a parent of a 5 year-old, I'm very careful with the cannabis and especially the edibles we occasionally have here in the house. It's not so much a problem now, because she's so young. It's more about developing a solid habit and mind-set of keeping our goodies locked, way up, and hidden. We keep it locked not just because it's just good parenting, I've also heard that cannabis is wrong for a still developing mind (anything under about 21 years). And I know we would be horrified to learn someday - like years from now - that our girl developed a taste for cannabis because we weren't careful enough about where and how we kept it in the house. I'm sure at some point, we'll reveal all to her - like when she graduates from college (LOL), and maybe even get her something from StoreMyStash so she can do the same thing if she chooses to bring cannabis into her home. If she has a stunned look on her face to learn how much we know about about cannabis and that it was in the house all along, we will know we did it right. So thanks for a great article. DB