This precious moment captured by Nationwide Children’s Hospital in honor of Better Hearing and Speech Month will give you all the feels. 

June 05, 2018
Cochlear Implant
Credit: Raleigh News & Observer/Getty

Grab some tissues folks, this video may induce happy, heartfelt tears.

When Nemili Johnson and her husband adopted their little girl, Kavya, nine months ago, they were well aware she suffered from hearing loss. Unsure of how serious her condition would get, they fully prepped themselves to communicate with Kavya through methods like ASL—that was until the couple received news that Kavya was approved for a double cochlear implant.

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As reported by, the couple turned to Nationwide Children’s Hospital after the hearing aids Kavya used at the time of her adoption became ineffective. In recognition of Better Hearing and Speech Month this past May, Nationwide Children’s Hospital posted this sweet video of Kavya hearing her parent’s voices for the first time back in January—the happy-go-lucky girl’s reaction is too precious.

Once Johnson turns on the device, she asks her playing daughter, “What are you doing?” Kavya's response was equally shocking and sweet—she looks back at her mother while sitting on her lap and adorably says, “I love you.”

“We had no idea that she would say that, but it’s so fun to hear that as clearly as it was because my husband had been practicing with her in the mirror," Johnson told “Sort of yelling at the mirror so that she could see the mouth movements and that’s how we first taught her 'I love you.'"

This cutie is seemingly energized by her new-found ability to hear and can’t stop playing while on her mom’s lap. Check out that ear-to-ear smile once her mom turns on the device—what a blessing!

The magic doesn’t end there. Johnson also told the site that Kavya is “thriving and flourishing” thanks to the help of family and the incredible audiology and ENT department staff.

Congrats to this beautiful family on their inspiring journey! Your family dynamic and strength as parents is heartwarming.