This mama found a smart new way to extract splinters—no needles required.

medical syringe
Credit: korrakot sittivash/Shutterstock

Splinter removal is usually a job for my husband—the thought of spelunking through my kids' skin with tweezers and needles always makes my own skin crawl. But this brand new hack from mama Claire Bullen-Jones may just make me a splinter-pulling rock star. And odds are, you aleady have the right tool at hand in your junk drawer—one of those medicine syringes from infant pain relievers.

The trick: make sure the hole in the syringe is centered over the splinter, hold it tight against the skin, and pull up quickly. And it seems like the air pressure of the pull from the syringe pulls out the splinter with minimal fuss—and on my part, minimal cringing.

Now I'm wondering if this little piece of magic could work for other problems—like helping you pull out a bee's stinger, for instance.

I'm definitely trying it the next time my daughters come home with a splinter, so perhaps I can finally handle that first-aid basic as well.

Are you going to give it a shot?