By Erin O'Donnell

Johnson & Johnson announced a recall today of all Infants' Tylenol because of problems with the dosing system on the bottle.

The company launched the recall because some parents or caregivers had complained that when they inserted the dosing syringe into the top of the bottle, this pushed the protective cover, known as a flow restrictor, into the bottle.

This voluntary recall is a "precautionary" step; Johnson & Johnson said there are no reports of anyone being harmed as a result of the bottle problem, the Huffington Post reports.

As long as the flow restrictor remains intact, parents can continue to use the medication, Johnson & Johnson said. But they advise parents not to use the medicine if the flow restrictor is pushed into the bottle. In that case, customers can request a refund by contacting the company at, or calling 1-800-222-6036.

The recall applies only to Infants' Tylenol, and not to Children's Tylenol.

Image: Infants' Tylenol via International Business Times.



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