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Jimmy Fallon, Wife Among Those Turning to Surrogacy

Late night TV comedian Jimmy Fallon disclosed late last week that he and his wife Nancy Juvonen had their baby girl, Winnie Rose Fallon, by using a gestational surrogate.  As reports, Fallon is among a growing number of American couples who are taking that route to parenthood:

Statistics from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine show that births via gestational surrogacy have been steadily increasing since 2004. In 2011, there were 1,593 babies born via gestational surrogacy – that's up from 1,448 in 2010 and 738 in 2004, according to the latest figures from the Birmingham, Ala.-based non-profit.

And thanks in part to high-profile types like Fallon casually announcing that he and his wife used a surrogate, the method is becoming much more accepted, and less stigmatized, in the United States, say experts and couples who have been there themselves.

Heather and James Gwinup even included their surrogate -- who is Heather's best friend -- in photos announcing they were expecting: In one, a pregnant Jennifer Irwin holds a sign saying, "Their bun. My oven."

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