Identical Twins Give Birth Hours Apart on New Year's Eve

The twins say they were born just 15 seconds apart themselves, but learned about two days apart that they were both expecting.

Their due dates were five days apart in early January.

On Monday, the two sisters ended up at Summa Akron City Hospital.

Aimee, whose expected due date was January 6, got to the hospital at 3:30 a.m.

Ashlee, who was due on January 1, was still at home.

"My mom told me that she was here and when I got up to go to the bathroom, my water broke so I had to come in too," said Ashlee.

At a little after noon, Aimee was the first to deliver, welcoming a 7lb, 2oz son named Donavyn Bratten into the world.

A little less than two hours later, it was Ashlee's turn, giving birth to an 8lb, 12 oz girl named Aiden Dilts.

"We didn't think it was going to be this close at all," said Aimee, admitting that they hoped it would turn out this way.

"We tried getting induced together but they wouldn't let us. That was like two weeks ago, but it happened anyway," added Aimee.

"We're best friends," said Ashlee of herself and her sister, who adds "Now our babies are going to be best friends."

Image: Two pregnant bellies, via Shutterstock

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