Season Baby Is Born Can Affect Mood

Is your child a May or a December babe? And what does that mean for his future? Astrologists and researchers alike have long looked to when a baby is born to answer questions about a range of medical and mood issues and personality traits.

Now, according to new research from the Semmelweis University in Budapest, the season in which your child is born may play a role in his affective temperament. In a news release about the study findings, lead researcher Assistant Professor Xenia Gonda explained that serotonin and dopamine levels can be influenced based upon the season a baby is born,  which has been shown to potentially have a long-lasting affect into adulthood.

The study was conducted by asking more than 350 university students to fill out a questionnaire about decision-making processes and temperaments, collecting their answers and then connecting those results with each participant's birthday, The Atlantic reported.

The paper's findings found these statistically significant trends:

  • cyclothymic temperament (characterized by rapid, frequent swings between sad and cheerful moods), is significantly higher in those born in the summer, in comparison with those born in the winter.
  • Hyperthymic temperament—a tendency to be excessively positive—were significantly higher in those born in spring and summer.

  • Those born in the winter were significantly less prone to irritable temperament than those born at other times of the year.

  • Those born in autumn show a significantly lower tendency to depressive temperament than those born in winter.

Of course, it's both nature and nurture that plays a role in your baby's temperament and development, and this study was unable to explain the mechanisms involved in causing these differences, so being born in the winter versus the summer shouldn't be your only rule of thumb for thinking about how your child will grow up.Pregnant? Try out our Mom & Baby Horoscope Finder

Photo of babies making faces courtesy of Shutterstock.