Grieving Mom Rallies for Better Rental Car Regulation 29508

In 2004, Cally Houck faced the unthinkable when her two daughters--Raechel, 24, and Jacqueline, 20--were both killed in a car accident involving a rental car that was under recall.  Now, this mother has rallied more than 135,000 consumers to call on the rental car industry to improve its safety standards, and the federal government to regulate those standards.

Houck is gathering support with an online petition on that calls out Enterprise Rent-a-Car (the company her daughters rented a PT Cruiser from in 2004) for opposing a law that would prohibit companies from renting cars that are under recall.

"The PT Cruiser they were driving had been recalled a month before for a defective steering component that was prone to catching fire. Enterprise rented it to three other customers before renting it to my daughters, without bothering to fix it first. It was a ticking time bomb," Houck says in her petition.

Image: Car key, via Shutterstock.