If you needed another reason to plan a family trip to the beach, here you go. You're welcome!

By Melissa Willets
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We live on a lake for a reason: Being near water just makes us happy!

As a child, I lived near the ocean, and always knew that a landlocked existence just wasn't for me. So I'm glad my husband and kids are also drawn to the water. But I never stopped to think about the science behind our predilection for all things blue and sparkling. Until now.

It turns out research actually points to the many benefits of being near water. Namely, that exposure to the ocean, a lake, a river, or the like, reduces depression. Today's Mama reports blue space also boosts creativity, because it relaxes the brain. And you probably won't be surprised to learn that a trip to the beach instantly de-stresses us due to naturally occurring negative ions in water.

Finally, it cannot be argued that when you gaze out upon a big, beautiful body of water, you are instantly reminded of how vast this world is, and how insignificant many of your problems are by comparison. It's also easy to let your dreams flourish in your mind. Indeed, as you stare out at the deep, blue sea, it seems anything is possible.

Based on the many benefits of being near water, it seems pretty clear that if you aren't fortunate enough to live by the ocean or a lake, you should start planning a family trip somewhere warm and beachy! Especially since other research has shown that family vacations can have long-lasting positive effects on kids' happiness.

Even if you can't afford to enjoy a week-long beach getaway, get your family to some water, stat! Your brain will thank you for it.

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Find her on Facebook where she chronicles her life momming under the influence. Of coffee.



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