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Giuliana Rancic to Undergo Double Mastectomy

Giuliana Rancic to Undergo Double Mastectomy 29382
Giuliana Rancic, the E! television personality who also has a reality program on the Style Network, has decided to undergo a double mastectomy to treat her breast cancer.  Rancic and her husband, a former winner of Donald Trump's reality show "The Apprentice," have chronicled their journey to start a family through in-vitro fertilization in public, and the couple is also being public about their breast cancer journey.

In October, Rancic announced her cancer diagnosis, revealing it at a time when her fans had hoped she'd be announcing a pregnancy.  Today she told E! Online that she is afraid heading into the mastectomy, but optimistic that the surgery will "save [her] life" and enable her to move on to live a full and healthy life.

"Am I scared? Yes. Scared of the unknown. Scared of the pain," Giuliana confesses. "But I'm not scared of what I'll be like. I'll have scars, but I like scars. Scars are beautiful because they tell a story.

"I'll be able to say that I survived something major and it's made me stronger. I will be a better woman for it."

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