Giuliana Rancic Announces She Has Breast Cancer 29318

Giuliana Rancic, whose journey to become pregnant through in-vitro fertilization (IVF) has been chronicled on her Style Network program Giuliana & Bill, announced this morning on the Today show that she has been diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer.

"Through my attempt to get pregnant for the third time, we sadly found out that I have early stages of breast cancer," she said on Today. "It's been a shock. A lot of people have been asking, we saw that you went and got IVF, are you pregnant? But sadly, we've had to put that off."

Rancic is an E! red carpet host as well as starring in her reality show.  She is married to Bill Rancic, who won the first season of Donald Trump's reality program The Apprentice.

The diagnosis came when Rancic's doctor recommended she get a mammogram before beginning her third cycle of IVF (the first two cycles had failed).  At age 37, Rancic says she had not intended to get a mammogram until she turned 40, but she followed her doctor's advice, and the breast cancer was discovered.  Rancic will undergo surgery later this week, followed by 6 weeks of radiation.  She anticipates a full recovery because the cancer was caught early.

She also said she and her husband are not giving up on their dream of a baby, despite this setback.  "Now I truly believe God was looking out for me. Had I gotten pregnant, a few years down the line I could have gotten sicker. So the baby saved my life," she said.

Though it is rare, breast cancer does strike younger women--7 percent of all diagnoses are for women under 40, according to WebMd.  Women who have certain risk factors, including personal or family history of breast cancer, radiation exposure to the chest, obesity, or dense breasts should talk to their doctors.