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A study by the ABC News program 20/20 has revealed the 10 most germ-ridden spots in a typical American restaurants, revealing information that families will want to take into consideration next time they go out to eat. An ABC reporter went undercover into 10 restaurants in 3 states, taking swabs of various surfaces and submitting them for laboratory analysis.

See the ABC News report for the full list, but here are a few that are of particular note for families:

  • Ketchup bottles: Though they are low on the list (#9), the bottles do rank.
  • Tabletops: The reporter discovered that some parents actually change kids' diapers at restaurant tables, leading to major germiness.
  • Menus: Staph bacteria and the germs that cause strep throat were found on multiple restaurant menus.
  • Seats: These ranked #1 on the list, because restaurants rarely sanitize them.

Image: Menu, via Shutterstock